Read Media Performance Guarantee

Read&Co wide format inkjet media, laminates and adhesives offer you all the great features, quality and ease of use you need to make your business a success. At you will benefit from:

  • The highest quality and performing products in the digital wide format industry
  • Products that are consistent and reliable in color and quality from one roll to the next
  • Our Read&Co compatibility search which provides you a step by step guide for switching to Read&Co media for great results right out of the box.

Our products have been designed and engineered from the ground up to work consistently and reliably with the highest industry standards. When you use Read&Co media and laminates with the recommended manufacturer settings we will guarantee our products. Read&Co is confident that our films and laminates will meet your high quality standards that we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you should receive material from us that is defective in quality we will provide a full refund or a no charge replacement for the defective item purchased from Read&Co.

To request a refund please follow the simple process outlined in our shipping and returns section of our website or call 800-564-7323.

Read&Co shall bear no liability whatsoever for statutory, general, special, consequential, or tort damages with respect to uses of products purchased, including loss of profits, business, or goodwill. Read&Co shall in no way be liable for any damages for any reason whatsoever that would exceed the replacement value of the material purchased from Read&Co..