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PSGFL6 6 mil Gloss Clear Floor Laminate Film

6 mil Gloss Clear Floor Laminate Film
is a UL rated floor graphic laminate
■ Recommeded for abrasion resistance
■ Protects against moisture and airborne pollutants
■ Intended for high traffic floor decals
■ Extends the life of your print and provides UV resistance

FINISHING RECOMMENDATIONS Surfaces: Read&Co. laminates are specifically design to work with Read&Co. inkjet media. Read&Co. recommends that you use Read&Co. inkjet media to get the best results. All testing has been done with our branded media. Surface Protection: Insure that your graphic is completely dry prior to laminating. If inks are not dry before lamination the adhesion of the laminate can be adversely affected; outgassing of inks may occur, causing silvering to form under the laminate. Laminating: If too much tension is applied during lamination, the product may curl toward the laminated side, and the edges may lift from the release liner and/or the application surface. Always double-check your machine settings. CARE AND MAINTENANCE Packaging: If the output is being sent without mounting to a substrate such as FoamCore, always roll laminated prints with the graphic facing outward. It is not recommended to ship in a tube smaller than 6” in diameter. Field Care & Maintenance: If graphics should become dirty while out in the field; we suggest using a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Do Not use Windex® or other cleaner; these products contain silicon and will damage the graphic. If a damp cloth doesn’t do the job, use a solution up to 20% isopropyl alcohol (one part isopropyl alcohol to four parts water), and gently wipe clean. Markings can be removed by gently using a rubber eraser. Material Handling: Unused laminate material should be placed back in its original packaging and stored at 70ºF (21ºC) for no more than 1 year; to obtain maximum adhesion.

Technical Specifications

ADHESIVE TYPE Waterbase acrylic
LINER TYPE Craft, PE Coated

50°F (10° C)

PVC 6 mil


Resources PSGFL6.pdf

PSGFL6 6 mil Gloss Clear Floor Laminate Film - 54" X 150'
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