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SEMRLD Emerald Backlit Banner FR

Emerald Backlit Banner
is a premium 16 oz. semi-matte backlit banner vinyl
■ Super smooth surface
■ Great density and an evenly diffused, consistent finish
■ Ideal for the most demanding backlit applications
■ Great for oversized backlit displays
■ Delicate fabric structure and super clean image
■ NFPA 701 Fire retardant certificate 


This product has been tested and approved for use with Read&Co. laminates and adhesives.  Read Inkjet laminates provide durable protection from abrasion, moisture, Ultraviolet light and various types of damaging effects on indoor and outdoor applications.  Recommendations for cold/pressure sensitive lamination and adhesives are SPEED: 3-5 feet per min and PRESSURE: 20-40psi (recommendations vary depending on the laminator, model and other variables).  Read Lamination and Adhesives provide quick and efficient quality results without the need for heat.