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PSHW Pressure Sensitive White Opaque High Tack Double Sided Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive White Opaque High Tack Double Sided Adhesive
is a high tack double sided adhesive with a white opaque pvc layer
■ High tack adhesive bonds instantly
■ Excellent initial bond strength with no curing period
■ Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use
■ Can be used with flexible graphics
■ White opaque adhesive for 100% opacity
FINISHING RECOMMENDATIONS Surfaces: Read&Co. laminates are specifically design to work with Read&Co. inkjet media. Read&Co. recommends that you use Read&Co. inkjet media to get the best results. All testing has been done with our branded media. Substrates: Before mounting to Gatorboard, use a 180 or finer sandpaper across the surface of the mounting side. This makes the surface rough, allowing the adhesive to get a better grip. We recommend that you wear a mask and goggles to protect your eyes, nose and mouth during sanding and do it in a well ventilated area. You can call the manufacturer of the boards for more details. Additionally it is important that your substrate is clean and all boards should be free of dust particles and oils before use. When using paper based boards, wipe them off thoroughly to be sure they are ready for mounting. Plastic boards need more preparation and should be wiped off dry. Have a tacky roller run over them, then wipe them down with alcohol in order to achieve maximum adhesion. Surface Protection: Insure that your graphic is completely dry prior to laminating. If inks are not dry before lamination the adhesion of the laminate can be adversely affected; outgassing of inks may occur, causing silvering to form under the laminate. Laminating: If too much tension is applied during lamination, the product may curl toward the laminated side, and the edges may lift from the release liner and/or the application surface. Always double-check your machine settings. CARE AND MAINTENANCE Packaging: If the output is being sent without mounting to a substrate such as FoamCore, always roll laminated prints with the graphic facing outward. It is not recommended to ship in a tube smaller than 6” in diameter. Field Care & Maintenance: If graphics should become dirty while out in the field; we suggest using a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Do Not use Windex® or other cleaner; these products contain silicon and will damage the graphic. If a damp cloth doesn’t do the job, use a solution up to 20% isopropyl alcohol (one part isopropyl alcohol to four parts water), and gently wipe clean. Markings can be removed by gently using a rubber eraser. Material Handling: Unused laminate material should be placed back in its original packaging and stored at 70ºF (21ºC) for no more than 1 year; to obtain maximum adhesion.