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Trade Show Solutions

The Read&Co. Trade Show Solution Center provides a total solution to help you grow your business. Whether you are printing with solvent, eco-Solvent or waterbased inks; Read&Co. has the right trade show graphic solution for you. Here are a couple of our more popular solutions available. See you at the next trade show!

Aqueous Trade Show Solution:

Front panels: AGUPF7 and PSPC15
Side Panels: AGUPF7 and PSPC5

We recommend these solutions for several reasons. First, although it is a little more expensive up front the savings incurred during the printing process, the quality of the finished product and the total ROI far outweighs cheaper solutions. The first advantage is our solution is a two step process versus the more common three step process offered by most distributors. Because the printable material is a blockout there is not a concern with backlit or shadows affecting your printed images. Another common problem printers face is the issue of the end panels matching front panels. It is necessary to use a lighter gauge polycarbonate for the side panels because they need to be wrapped tight around the corners. If you use a gauge that is too heavy (i.e. 10 or 15mil) the force of the film will pop the end caps off. Other suppliers typically use different films from different manufacturers which result in changes in texture and color and a noticeable shift once the booth is up.

Above are our recommended solutions, however we do offer other solutions for the trade show applications. Here are some other commonly used materials:

Thermal – Aqueous

Front Panel: AGMF5TLTL10 and TLWB10

Side Panel: AGMF5TLTL5 and TLWB5

Retractable/Rotating Banner Stands:

Aqueous Solution:

When choosing a material for your retractable banner stand, the first thing you want is a product that will lie flat. We recommend the AGUPF7 because it is an anti-curl material and provides a blockout. This material also provides excellent density and image definition. Laminate the material with PSMN3 to add protection with a low glare surface. is a grayback white polyester film with a brilliant white glossy finish and outstanding “color pop”. The durable construction is engineered to withstand repeat rolling in portable display units without tearing or edge fraying, making it the ideal media for tradeshow, retail and other point-of-purchase displays. The light-blocking layer eliminates image washout caused by light diffusion.


Advantage: Durability, rigidness, textured surface for low glare

Disadvantage: They are typically more expensive than vinyl and the rigidness means customers should not roll the material tighter than 12” in diameter. Polycarb can also be difficult to cut.

Thermal (hot)

Advantage: A less expensive alternative for short term trade show graphics. Tend to be polyester based which improves the rigidity of the product.

Disadvantage: Because it is a heat activated adhesive if you do not have your temperature set properly you will have issues with tunneling and delaminating. Thermal lamination films are not as durable as polycarbonates. If laminator temperature is set to high you can experience out-gassing of inks which can cause colors to shift.

Vinyl PSA

Advantage: An inexpensive alternative to polycarbonates. Vinyl PSA is compatible with various types of material and ink. It has a similar look to polycarbonate.

Disadvantage: Is not as rigid as polycarbonate and vinyl tends to maintain a curl memory after being unrolled. Not as durable and can be damaged easier.

Give yourself the competitive advantage and contact us today to learn how we can support your business as it expands.

More detailed information about the ingredients in successful trade-show graphics construction can be obtained at as well as contacting a Read&Co. sales support specialist at 800-564-7323. 









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