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The newly expanded Read&Co line makes it easier to get a quick, single-source solution of peak performing media for producing graphics for buildings, walls, windows, retail, transit, and POP signs. Read&Co vinyls can be used to produce the multiple types of graphics needed for retail promotions, brand marketing and advertising campaigns. All of the Read&Co vinyls are designed to deliver outstanding consistency in printing bright, detailed and colorful graphics that look great wherever they are displayed.

The adhesive backed vinyls in the Read&Co line have different thicknesses, properties and adhesives in order to provide ideal performance on the different types of surfaces to which printed graphics are applied. Read&Co vinyls can be used for graphics that will be displayed on the interior and exterior walls of buildings, barricades, vehicles, vending machines, windows, doors, and many different types of signboards.

Read&Co vinyls are competitively priced and provide the level of performance and image quality that brand-marketers expect for eye-catching campaigns. Printers and installers appreciate how easy these materials are to handle, print, install, and remove. To make graphics production even easier, Read&Co adhesive-backed vinyls are available for fast, economical delivery and they are supported by the Read&Co exceptional personalized technical support and customer service. The product line includes:
SCUV3 3 mil Clear Universal Adhesive Vinyl
SCUV3L 3 mil Clear Universal Removable Adhesive Vinyl

■ SGUGV3 3 mil Glossy Universal Gray Back Adhesive Vinyl

■ SGUV3 3 mil Glossy Universal Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

■ SGUV3L 3 mil Glossy Universal Removable Adhesive Vinyl

■ SGVW2 2.4 mil White Gloss Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Film

■ SMRTX6 6 mil Matte Rigid Textured Opaque Black Permanent Adhesive

SMUGV3 3 mil Gloss Universal Gray Back Adhesive Vinyl

SMUV3 3 mil Matte Universal Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

■ SMUV3L 3 mil Matte Universal Removable Adhesive Vinyl

SMUV6 6 mil Rigid Matte Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

SRWV6 6 mil Rigid Matte Removable Wall Adhesive Vinyl

All products are backed by the Read&Co performance guarantee. For more information and to order, contact a Read&Co customer support specialist
at or 800-564-7323


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